Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Watch it thru Old Photos

It is always interesting to glance through old photos. Where and all you roamed, who were you with, what were you wearing.. the best of all, how funny you looked or your look changed over years !!!

In my case, my looks have alomost changed drastically from one gunja selling guy look to some decent, graceful look....

What about you? Are you feeling something like that about you?


  1. My appearance has changed as well over the last few years. I was quite scrawny in my late teens. Now, I've gained a few pounds and muscle...looking much healthy. Yea, the transformation is fun to see. Here I go...digging into my old pics.

  2. all the time!!!! I dont think even I could recognise myself then and now let alone the people I knew... *sigh* I guess that's the worst part of growing old.

  3. Sriram: Dig it fast :)
    Sapna: yeah, sigh :)