Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lyrics of Mozhi illamale from Pokkisham

Lyrics of Mozhi illamale from Pokkisham

English meaning of Mozhi illamale from Pokkisham herewith:

Mozhi illamale edhai solvaan ini
vizhi illamale edhai kaanbaan ini
vaasame pona pin pookkale poopadhu yen?
swasame oindha pin moochile kaatru yen?
oru kannadi pol naan udaindhal enna?

How will he communicate without using language?
How will be see something without using eyes?
why the flowers are blossoming without giving smell?
when breath stops, why there is little air left?
how will it be if i break like a glass?

vazhi illamale engu selvaan ini
uyir illamale enna seivaan ini
odaye kaaindha pin meengale neechal yen?
vaaname veezhndha pin kooraye vaazhvadhen?
ada boolagame ini azhindhal enna?

where will he go without path?
what will he do without life?
why fish is attempting to swim without water?
why roof is trying to hold on when sky fell down?
why not the earth be destroyed?