Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Men's Clothing Brand

Thambi: Anna, i am confused after seeing the men's collections.
Anna: What is your confusion... what to buy or what not to buy?
Thambi: No., Why all the names sound like some westener? and what is the difference between them?
Anna: Oh., that is nothing. All of them make clothing in broad ranges... from 600 to 9k. The feel is bit different but the quality is mostly good.
Thambi: I dont get it still
Anna: Allan Solly is the father of all as he is there from 1750s. Louis Philippe is his son as he is there from 1790s. Their cousin brothers started with Arrow around 1850s and van Heusen around 1890s.
Thambi: Whaaatttt?
Anna: Wait until complete. Their chinna veedu relationship brought a poor brand called Peter England. Machaan (brother in law) brand like Austin Reed came to existence around 1900s. But the thaai maaman brand like Levis and their Chinese affairs brought Lee .....
Thambi: Ayyo Ayyo., Pls leave me !


  1. I needed a good support as my new dress was thin, I ordered a bodysuit made for low-cut/backless dresses and it is great. It runs long for me; I'm 5'5 even with 3 or so inch heels, it was still long.