Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Political campaign 1 - titbits

Political campaign is in full swing across the country. My thoughts, reaction as follows:

1. Congress on Kandahar episode - Sad. Congress should focus on job losses, economy i.e how to take India forward rather than talking about some dead issue. This attitude shows Congres shying away from real issues.

2. BJP On Varun episode - Dividing the country on communal lines is strictly bad. Deriving mileage out of it is even more bad. But the Media was so happy to talk about it more than anyone. Media did the marketing and not BJP.

3. LTTE issue dominated the TN campaign. No one is sure how the voters are going to go. DMK Chief's statement on LTTE reflected confusion.

4. Sharad Pawar could be dark horse post result scenario.

1 comment:

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