Sunday, April 19, 2009

The "T" Factor - Tagged !

Took this tagging from Uniquely Priya ! I liked this tag at the first instance., still wondering why !!!!!

My list of favourites beginning with ‘T’:

1) Travel: I like travelling. I love going to new places, meeting new people, learn some good things from every place.

2) Tummy: Something i like as long as it is in control. My tummy is good and not big. It has come to some shape in the last 8 years or so. I am not able to lose my little tummy through my normal, homely work-outs although.

3) Television: I love TV especially to watch sports like cricket, tennis, F1, CNBC. I don't think, i can live with out TV at this point of my life.

4) Tunes: Music is what i relax with. Any type of music, genres are good as long as they are little creative than monotonous.

5) Tiny Tots: I love them. The way they look, talk, smile, laugh, feel, smell – I love everything. I just love the feeling when a child talks to me, or places his/her little hand in mine, or takes my lap - completely trusting me.

6) Taste: I eat only for taste. I don't care how much calorie it has. I freak out as long as i like and it taste good on my tongue / mind.

7) Tricks: I love watching tricks performed in TV shows like a kid even now. Fascinating !

8 ) Typical: I don't like being "typical" being. I want to be a practical in my approach to carry out my life.

9) Two to tango: means that two people in a fight are both responsible for that fight. So I look at life in this approach and practice restraint.

That’s all I could think of from ‘T’!!

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