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Lyrics of Varum Vazhi Engume from Pokkisham

Lyrics of Varum Vazhi Engume from Pokkisham

English meaning of Varum Vazhi Engume from Pokkisham also herewith:

Varum vazhu engume en mugam thondralam
indha nila chuvattile en manam kaanalam

you might see my face in your way
you can spot me in leg markings of land

nee varum saalayil saaralai veesava
aasayai thaangiye thozhane neril vaa

may I come as the drizzle on your way
my friend, come with lots of love in your heart

unnai vara verkave kaatril maramagava
undhan thalai kodhave pookum ilai aagava

may i become the tree to bring breeze
and smoothen your hair through the leaves of the wind

en kan pesinaal un thuyar theerume
un mugam paarpadhal adhu uyir vaazhume
serndhidum ninaipile amaidhi kol thozhane
saaindhu kol kalaippile tholgalum yengume
nee varum sedhiyai kadal alai koorave
inba (?) nilai polave manam kondadudhey

when my eye speaks your sorrows would disappear
it lives longer when it spots your face
take shelter in peace as we are going to be united
my shoulder would long to give you rest
waves from the shore brought the news of your arrival
heart celebrates this wonderful moment

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