Friday, April 10, 2009

Aanandha Thandavam - Movie Review

Sujatha's one of all time hit novel Pirivom Santhippom comes alive in silver screen after many years ! Fantastic music by G V Prakash... I was there for the first day, after noon show at Satyam....

Story in short:

Hero falls in love with a rich girl, engagement happens but gets ditched for a US maapillai. Tries to commit suicide, recovers goes to US for higher studies, meets the old lover again; but another girl who falls in love with hero and wants to return to India to lead a simple life; triangular love confusion, sad climax;

Casting and Acting:

Tamannah had carried herself beautifully. She performs well and brings the innocence too well in the early moments of the movie. Kitty is commendeable. Rukmini is decent. Charlie is good. Overall casting is wonderful like madhumita's parents or rukmini's grand parents. But Siddharth as hero some how does not work well with audience - vulnerability fails miserably.

Other departments:

Photography is very good in the first half, turns little bad on second half when the story moves to USA. Dialogues are excellent. Background score of GV Prakash is impressive.

But passing malaysia like new york in some scenes is bad - example the accident scene or the climax at airport.

My reaction:

Faithful adaptation of the movie can sometime be an issue - the climax looks totally outdated and fails. But A R Gandhi Krishna as a film maker could have done better. Two hour and 45 minutes for this movie is too long.

Audience Reaction:

a. some 50odd people walk out when the song Megam Pola started
b. Audience clapped when the hero admitted "yes, i am an idiot"
c. Audience's reaction was flat or worse during Tamannah's climax talk

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  1. Even I watched it First Day ! I took 6 people with me including Tinku (Next House) ! Only I Felt it was Okay ! Very Slow narration and the Feel was missing.