Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kandel Kadhalai Music review

Album Name: Kanden Kadhalai
Music By: Vidyasagar
Over all Rating: Very Good

1) Venpanju By Udit Narayan, Karthik - 4/5 - melody, minor role for karthik, decent track
2) Suthudhu Suthudhu By Hariharan - 4/5 - folk, nice beats, catchy tune, good singing by hariharan
3) Naan Mozhi Arindhaen By Suresh Wadkar - 4/5 soft melody, nice slow tune, good lyrics, bit of tamil murder by suresh
4) Kaatru Pudhidhaai By Rahul Nambiar - 5/5 - fine techno track, lovely lyrics, fine singing by rahul lights up this track.
5) Oododi Poaraen By Lavanya & Rashmi Vijayan - 5/5 - Fine semi folk tune, catchy and well sung, becomes addictive after some 3-5 times listening
6) Oru Naal Iravil By Tippu & Benny Dayal - 3.5/5 - techno track


  1. boss!!! I am stumped by your verdict. This album was sort of ok. Definitely not "VERY GOOD"...i guess, u have given the rating in comaprison to some albums that were recently released:):)

    How about aadhavan? Seems u liked them too??!!!Expecting that review too

  2. What to do Ram., I liked kanden album very much. You wait until u see it with visuals, probably u will like it then. Aadhavan was a waste barring the hasili fisili.

  3. hmmm....ok let me hear the songs again then....and thankfully, u too have felt the same as far as aadhavan is considered :):)

  4. i second ram.. i too don't like this album.. :(

    overrated !! I would give 2.5/5 overall

  5. Put it straight.... Kandain Kadhalai or Jab We Met????

  6. Vig: I personally dont like to compare versions. I didnt do for Ghajini too.
    Navi & Ram: we will discuss it post the relaease of the movie on our judgements :)

  7. I recentyl saw the trailor. It was sort of good. Let us reserve the judgement till the film releases :):)

  8. navicorn & Ramven... verdict is reasonably out. lyrics search for kanden kadhalai was just ok but can be called as dull when compared to aadhavan - hasili fisili, panithuli or mazhaye from eeram. Suthudhu lyrics reced max hits so far :)

  9. hey.. i think jab we met was much much bettr thn kanden kadhalai, in terms of music.. n i like tht mazhaiye mazhaiye song frm Eeram.. superb song.. with good bckground music n nice picturization too... :)