Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Titbits - lyrically # 1

Some fun on recent lyrics:

Song: kaatru pudhuthaai veesa kanden, sneham inidhai sera kanden
Ans: Oh., you came out of prison or what? we feel this everyday
male: sings.... nila, vaanam kaatru
female: I will become 60 by the time he comes to sing abt me from nature !
female: vaarayo vaarayo kadhal solla
male: vandhene vandhene kadan solla
Female: Excuse Me Mr.Kandasamy, oru coffee kudippom come with me
male: oru plate bonda sappittu apporama
female: oho
male: oru masala dosa sappittu apporama
female: what
male: one parotta sappittu
female: ada paavai, summa osiyile sappida vandhiya nee...
Q. what is the meaning of Hasili fisiliye?
A: Achchu Pichchu is stylishly told like that.

Finally one on swine flu !!!

Male to female: I am unable to eat, words are coming until throat but not coming out of my mouth, my body is changing hot and cold very fast

female interrupts: go and check for swine flu

Male: No No, i am takling abt love symptoms

Female: Oh ! i am wondering how a pig got swine flu

Male: @#$$


  1. LOL!!!! Thought provoking!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  2. took me quite awhile to comment after laughing!!!!

  3. Really funny in a sarcastic way :D
    Blog more on this.

  4. masal dosai???? Quickgunmurugan familya?

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  6. http://uvetri.wordpress.com/2009/09/15/titbits-lyrically/

    Someone is ripping you off Vijay!
    Nice post.