Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blue hindi movie - Music Review

Movie Name: Blue (Hindi)
Muic By: A R Rahman
Overall Rating: Must Listen

01. Chiggy Wiggy By Kylie Minogue, Sonu Nigam - 5/5 superb song, lovely blend of western and bhangra makes an intoxicating song.

02. Aaj Dil Gustakh Hai By Shreya Ghoshal, Sukhwinder Singh - 4/5 Catchy romantic tune. Lovely singing by Shreya, Sukh.

03. Fiqrana By Shreya Ghoshal, Vijay Prakash - 5/5 Another likabe tune, lovely techno beats; gains energy, momentum as it goes, feels heavenly when you repeat!

04. Bhoola Tujhe By Rashid Ali - 4/5 - Typical Rahman tune, arrangements but impressive

05. Blue Theme By Blaaze, Raqeeb Alam, Sonu Kakkar, Jaspreet Singh - 4.5/5 -- Have a blast with this fusion number

06. Rehnuma By Shreya Ghoshal, Sonu Nigam 4/5 - starts like a jazz, goes sufi with some james bond like music in between. Mysterious ride, i would say.

07. Yaar Mila Tha By Udit Narayan, Madhushree - 4/5 semi folk, catchy beat. i am in love with the teena humming !

Rahman comes out strongly after the Oscar Win. Thoroughly entertaining masala album without any experiments makes this one compulsory !

No Escape dudes this time.


  1. I wanna chiggy wiggy.....
    I wanna chiggy wiggy.....
    I wanna chiggy wiggy.....
    I wanna chiggy wiggy.....

  2. Agreed. Listened first time and I liked the last song. Listened it again and again and now I have very different opinion. I think Chiggy Wiggy and Bhoola Tujhe are okay songs compared to other songs from the album.

    My fav.

    Fiqrana - once it picks up you don't want it to stop. It's one of those songs that flows. Even though the verses are repeated, it seems different. Awesome song. 6/5. Songs don't usually flow like that and I had to give one extra point for it. Just make sure you cranked up the volume.

    Chiggy Wiggy is okay. Nice blend but somewhere it sucks. May be Sonu Nigham singing a song that was meant for Shukvindar. 3/5

    Aaj Dil has crazy arrangements and it's amazing song. It just needs to grow. Again crank up the volume and just focus the arrangements. It is accompanied by great vocal style by Shreeya Ghosal. Shukhvindar is just good. 4.8/5. Other musicians should take a lesson or two listening to it about how to arrange their songs.

    Boola Tujhe, a okay song. Something out of the "Ada - the way of life" album. Doesn't fit with the pace of "Blue". I think Rahman just gave it as a bonus lol. 3/5 (may be I need to listen to it more)

    Blue Theme - Not so great, but the job is done beautifully. 4/5

    Rehnuma - Another amazing song somewhat screwed up by Sonu Nigham. Sometimes he sucks and this is a wrong song for him to suck up. He just couldn't match up with Shreeya Ghosal. Great song. Meant for James Bond movies. It's sexy. If only Sonu didn't mess it up it would be 5 out of 5. I'd say 4.3/5

    Yaar Mila is great for what it's worth. Great singing by Udit and Madhushree. Actually, Madhushree never sounded better. 4.5/5

    Good Album, just need to listen to more than 10 times to sync in and that's Rahman.

  3. Excellent Collection from ARR after Double Oscar sweep!

    Certainly Chiggy Wiggy is mind blowing song.

    Fiqrana is another Catchy one.

    Theme music is blowing mind in wind.

    man.. this album will grab Awards!! :)

  4. rahman rocking again.. no words to explain this great album..
    please no one comment at first time hearing the album.. after 4th time hearing u can realize and feel the different music world. thats rahman.
    ----- SIMPLY BEST ---------

  5. Bhoola tujhe is my favorite in the album. It isnt as fascinating as Delhi-6 was but atleast 3 numbers are catchy and fresh. Please Read my complete review on my blog

  6. Just testing to behold if your annotation fuctinon works, mine doesnt!