Thursday, September 10, 2009

Titbits - Lyrically # 3 - Toilet special

I would like to use these two songs are best suited for toilet singing !
Lot of people read books, now you can humm these too ! sing while you try to shit and must not otherwise !

# 1

Varudhu Varudhu vilagu vilagu
vengai veliye varudhu
Ada Varudhu Varudhu vilagu vilagu
Vengai veliye varudhu

# 2
Kathirindhu from vaidehi kaathirunthal...

paada paduthum kaada karuppa
vaada neeyum erangi vaada
Vandhiru vandhiru
thaana vandhiru
paattu padippen
udukkai adippen
sathaanoda kootil adaippen
vadhiru vandhiru

### I read this in dinamalar letters some years back, got reminded of it when i heard this song yesterday ! So., not purely crass thinking of mine :)

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