Monday, September 21, 2009

random thoughts

1. Austerity : Total bakhwas. Politicians does lot of things to maintain their "image". This is one of the stunts. Why cant they stop taking bribes bcoz of recession ?

2. Indo - China Border - Times Now did some good coverage last week. India is unable to protect the fenced border with Pak., donno how much will India has got to fight to prove its point against china? let us see how this episode goes over next 10 years.

3. Racists attacks in australia are diturbing. Indians live all over the world., they should adapt, co-operate to local conditions and i sincerely believe they are good at it.

4. Serena Williams' trantrums in the US open semi final was sad. Is it about stardom?

5. On Chennai - every other road being dugged for storm water drainage improvement. Good., why cant they restore to the old contions at the earliest in prime areas? One stretch of road could not be used neat T.Nagar club and is creating enough traffic jam.

1 comment:

  1. #3 - ARR is doing a peace concert at Syd in Jan '10. It's free to all. Nice gesture by the man!

    #5 - I hope they've finished work in Arcot road. They've been working on it since time immemorial.