Monday, September 28, 2009

Jaya Max is ultimate

Jaya max is the ultimate music channel, juke box on TV. They pick up theme like pathos, duets, MGR, Sivaji, Ilayaraja, Disco etc...

Fancy, soulful songs gets you hooked. You have see it to believe it. Rest are all bad and sad.

Best part is., Advertisements are limited too.


  1. cant believe it, i thought Jayamax is watched only by me. in fact its my fav music channel too, hmm hello friend, am glad you like it too. Love the limited ad breaks in it.

    Cant stand the gibberish talks by so called comperes in sun music, isai aruvi and the others in that clan. meaningless talk and nonsense dressing. anyways I mute it the moment they talk, and un-mute when the songs come :)


  2. Thank you Deekshanya. Agree with your views. Keep coming back.