Monday, September 7, 2009

Sensex outlook - Sep 2009

Scores of TV analysts failed by predicting a 10% - 15% correction in August which never materialised.

Sensex is unlikely to fall until November according to me and it can touch 17500 levels and 15200 can be a support. Shareholders of IOC, BPCL, HPCL should come out slowly in this rally as there are no reform plans proposed by government.

My dark horse pick is paper stocks like Rama news, tnpl, sesh paper, dishman, tvs motor which can surprise over next three months.


  1. I feel 17500 is too high, i am expecting it would touch a peak of 16500-700...

    me too keeping my eyes on tnpl and tvs motors...

    lets see :D

  2. Ram.,my prediction is until nov 09!

  3. oopss!!!!wogey!!!

    seems u are not interested in unnai pol oruvan? the lyrics of nilai varuma is good...i though u wil post it :(

  4. Lack of time Ram until next week end, i will be on travel too. so no lyrics post for some time.