Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Asal - Music Review

Movie Name: Asal
Music By - Bharadwaj
Overall Rating - Very Good

01. Asal By Sunitha Menon - 4/5 - James Bond type tune, nicely sung by Sunitha.

02. Kuthiraikku Theriyum By Surmukhi & SreeCharan - 5/5 - Excellent singing by Surmukhi lifts this catchy techno tune to great heights.

03. Tottodaing By Mukesh & Janani - 3/5 - typical item song., decent tune but bad lyrics make you uncomfortable

04. Yengay Yengay By S. P. Bala - 3/5 - Typical tamil thathuva paatu...

05. Yea Dushyantha By Surmukhi & Kumaran - 4/5 - starts with Paartha gn/yababam illayo humming and shifts to Jab we met - Yea ishq kya hai beat... but overall highly impressive catchy remix of 3 different genres.... dont miss this surprise tune....

06. Em Thandhai By Bharadwaj - 3/5 - simple, slow tune in memory of Sivaji (?)

07. Yengay Yengay By Karthikeyan - 4/5 - slow version... but the music arrangement lifts this version impressively.

Bharadwaj successfully experiments some new things in a mass hero movie. Hope it works well with the fans.


  1. the song rendered by sunitha menon and the usual melodic one from bhardwaj are ok...the rest are all crap boss :'( :'(

  2. I hv given good score for only three songs...pls observe :)

  3. All the songs rock..! Especially kuthiraikku and tottodaing are sure treat to music lovers .... SPB's voice in En thandhai added full life to that song.. Sunitha's song undoubtedly a 'Mass' click..!!
    Rock on..!!

  4. ya greed....still the average scores come to 3.7 :'( which is way too high :'(....

  5. Excellent lyrics after a long time. Most of the songs are made for the movie and hope will look great in the film. My ratings
    1. Asal By Sunitha Menon (4/5)
    -- meant for ajith fans
    2. Kuthiraikku Theriyum By Surmukhi & SreeCharan (5/5)
    -- vocals of surmukhi is outstanding. an excellent erotic number
    3. Tottodaing By Mukesh & Janani (2/5)
    -- This is the song that is not good in terms of lyrics and tunes which negates the effect chandrababu type of music
    4. Yengay Yengay By S. P. Bala (5/5)
    -- will rock when we watch in silver screens. hats-off to vairamuthu.
    5. Yea Dushyantha By Surmukhi & Kumaran (4/5)
    -- inspite of the jab we met trace, a good to listen song for all. this will suite for bhavana
    6. Em Thandhai By Bharadwaj (5/5)
    -- Thanks to vairamuthu
    7. Yengay Yengay By Karthikeyan (5/5)
    -- second version which is mild with less orchestration compared to the previous version
    Overall : wide variety of songs
    Plus(+) : lyrics, orchestration, variety
    Minus(-): jab we met trace in one song

  6. Rocking songzz!!
    listening to "Yeh dhusyantha" song all the time

  7. great songs.. too good lyrics

  8. songs are nice but the lyrics in some songs are too vulnerable...

  9. wow .... excellent music.Bharadwaj did the great job.Each songs are different from each other.I think all songs related to movie situation .i am eager to see the movie.i hearing songs continously from released date, especially (sunitha menaon, Bharadwaj, yea dusyantha, kuthuraiku theriyum
    ) songs i think it be more than 100 times.i think it long time back i hearing good song from bharadwaj.definitely all songs are rockz.

  10. Ajith's movie...
    First Impression is the music...

    Bad luck for Sivaji productions for this kind of impression with songs...

    Lets see the movie and decide its a better movie of Ajith or not.

    Vairamuthu is out of date...

  11. Once again bad songs and lyrics. Not worth hearing.