Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaayaa - Music Review

Movie Name: Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaayaa
Music By: A R Rahman
Over all Rating - Excellent

01. Omana Penne By Benny Dayal & Kalyani Menon - 4/5 - Lovely melody., soft ballad with interesting interludes. The end shenoy / nadaswaram music has Dilli 6 hang over although.

02. Anbil Avan By Devan Ekambaram & Chinmayi - 4/5 - One unexpected super fast, techno beat duet with in high tempo.... quite catchy. But i feel the the loud music simply drowns the overall feel of the tune.

03. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya By Karthik - 4 /5 - soft, slow melody with broadway / Elton John effect.

04. Hosanna By Vijay Prakash, Suzanne D'Mello & Blaaze - 5/5 - Instantly catchy, addictive fusion / melody with terrific rap interlude by Blazee. The end portion music arrangement is some what similar to Enakku 20 Unakku 18.

05. Kannukkul Kannai By Naresh Iyer - 3/5 - Techno track, nicely sung by Naresh. But somehow lacks soul due to loud beat.

06. Mannipaaya By A. R. Rahman & Shreya Ghoshal - 4 / 5 - Simple melody but could emerge as catchy situational song. Decent lyrics with surprising thirukkural playing in end interlude.

07. Aaoromale By Alphons - 5/5 - complete malayalam lyrics; sung like a Blues school of mood by Alphons. He creates the mood of Blues nicely through his accent. Terrific tune and imagination by Rahman. I dont mind considering some 92 out of 5 for this song (Like Thengaai Srinivasan's thillu mullu score).
I feel Thamarai has let us down on lyrics for this movie when compared to Kakka Kakka or Vaaranam Aayiram. Overal, an excellent album...


  1. Hi,

    Heard it around 10 times , no songs remain in the memory.
    lyrics is big let down as you said , but there is a hidden factor called tune which is also a big let down. Maestro Ilayaraja has said in yesterday's Hindu daily that music should flow from ones mind , it cannot be made. Here Rahman has tried to make it.
    Not satisfied / expected from the grammy winner. As a die hard fan i cant accept such below par work. i will rate onlt 2.5/5. Music overflows the lyrics.


  2. hi,

    i have listen to all tracks over n over again .. numerous times and i feel the Rahman factor is still in it.

    y am i saying this ? simple. each song took me several hearing to get into it .. and i believe this has been ARR's stamp / signature since his early days.

    i have recently manage to watch online both the audio launch in UK and Chennai. tht boost my confidence in all the songs.

    i'm now reserving my further judgment till d movie is out. this is simply bcoz i have high expectation for every director tht ARR works with, to give due justice by their picturization to his compositions.

    i hv considered gautham-hj combo to be above average reason being i know both can indeed do better in their own field. as for vtv, i sincere hope gautham will pull if off well.


  3. Prem, Krishnan - thanx for the comment. Its difficult to understand the mood of the mass... its proven again and again. so lets wait :)

  4. hi all,
    for me also the music of VTV is not that satisfying when compared with prev arr standards and gautham movies .otherwise this can be rated as a pretty good album.being a die hard arr fan im really disappointed in sayin that the rehman effect is missing in his songs nowadays.when u look at the numerous rehman films in his early days thr isnt a single song which u cant say is not upto the mark.but thats not the case in his recent works.:( ..nw comin onto VTV one song that really draws me towards is mannipaya..it has a soothing effect n u wil lik it each time u hear ..i think this is the song thats going to be watched out for in this movie... :)

  5. Krishnan,

    ARR songs are like that.. takes time to dissolve. His tracks are mysterious!

  6. People..
    Its too early to say or decide about the album!! Its A.R.Rahman guys and everyone knows that his tunes keeps haunting you after listening to it over and over again.

    Similarly, I have no doubt on this one either!! Mind blowing composition!! It will take some time for even an avid music fan to say what are the instruments used.

    Lyrics, as you said is a let down except for a certain words, its too tough to get it into our memory at one shot!!

    Wait for the movie. Am sure Manoj Paramahamsa has done a great job yielding the camera!!!

  7. A R R has once again proved that he is a legend.. First of all , when I heard all the songs for the first time, I felt as if I was listening to English songs. He has done awesome on the music track.. its totally different.. This is one of the best creations of ARR that I ever heard so far.. Am totally swept away by the music.. For those who r still not able to appreciate ot grasp his music, listen to his track more time, then u will get the real feel... I dont agree with the writer of this review that some of the songs are loud.. nope.. its awesome.. catchy..fantastic..excellent..

  8. all ways ARR songs are worth watchable with visuals.... and i m in for it.... there are pros and cons in album, i like hosanna and Manipaya.. my personal point of favs, couldn't deny the fact that ARR has experimented... something similar experiment cariied in RDB.... i like all the songs,,, Lyrics i would always feel thamarai has to pass test to be involved in big league of Vairamuthua and Valli... need to evolve as a Poetic lyric writer ... and not fill the tunes..... though enjoyable... can't stamp down, cant keep on the head and go round...

  9. what the fuck do you guys know about music?
    I am a professional keyboardist and singer and can say that this is one of Rahman's best works till date....Aaromale and Mannipaaya are once in a decade classics, Omana Penne is wonderfully mellifluous, Anbil Avan is mesmerising and every other song is simply breathtaking....Rahman deserves a million Grammys for this work of his!
    Guys first become something in life before even thinking about commenting on Rahman..

  10. my dear anonymous - grammy lost its charm decade back... wake up ! by the way, my rating to the music is excellent.