Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Goa - Music Review

Movie Name - Goa
Music By - Yuvan Shankar Raja
Over all Rating - Very Good

01.Yeleu Thalamuakkum By Karthik Raja, Venkat Prabhu, Bhavatharini, Premgi Amaren & Yuvan Shankar Raja - 3/5 - folk song which explains the greatness of maestro's family

02.Ooru Nalla Ooru By Ilayaraja - 3/5 - slow folk song

03.Adida! Nayaandiya By S P Charan & Yugendran Vasudeva Nair - 3/5 - fast paced folk song goes well with the village festival, god, friendship and hope

04.Goa By Krish, Ranjith, Tanvi, Suchitra, Chynk Showtyme & Pav Bundy - 3.5 / 5 - Neat techno track

05.Idhu Varai By Ajeesh & Andrea - 4/5 - Soft Melody, neat singing by both.. Airtel super singer Ajeesh does a neat job.

06.Vaaliba Vaa Vaa By Ilayaraja, S. P. Balsubramanyam & Chitra - 5/5 - Lovely fusion with catchy humming.... instantly catchy tune sinks in very fast into you....

07.Kaadal Endral By Yuvan Shankar Raja - 4/5 - Brief pathos song with rich musical arrangements

08.Idaivazhi Oru By Benny Dayal & Mamtha Mohandas - 3.5 / 5 - fast paced techno track with fusion overtones.... oh... mamtha's voice sounds very cool....

09.Goa (Club-Mix) By Yuvan Shankar Raja - 4 / 5 - Absolutely good re-mix with fine rap interludes... this dance track is as catchy as a yummy chocolate...


  1. Ram., Couldnt find time last time. anyway, Me planning for only two songs...

  2. cant beat A.R.Rahman's Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya though..hehehehhee

  3. Goa songs are brilliant, way better than VTV!!!!

  4. Goa from the Movie line and Music point of view was a great disappointment.. Expected more from the music director.. Two songs were really good (idhu varai and vaalibum vaa vaa songs).. Pls dont even compare this with VTV.. Goa doea not match VTV.. goa music is average..