Monday, January 14, 2008

Chennai Book Fair - 2008

Went to Chennai Book Fair on Jan 13, Sunday. Book fair has really become big this year than compared to any previous years, i felt. So huge, close to 400 shops. Faithful, huge crowd thronged the place at Poonamalle High Road.

Observation # 1 - Too many tamil books than English (i should even say 75:25)... Cant figure out why so much of change... Is it bcoz of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi's influence? or Tamil Appeasement? ...

Obsevation # 2 - Sighted books on Che Guevara everywhere !!! Dont think, one will find so many books even in Cuba on him :)

Observation # 3 - Vairamuthu's works, Character building books are in demand. Saw some new books on "hindu beliefs".


  1. #1 - May be because the fair is being held in Tamilnadu?

  2. I have figured out it is bcoz of publishers are mostly tamil based :)... I stand corrected... Vijay Ganesh.