Wednesday, January 30, 2008

India's Republic Day...

We just celebrated our republic day on Jan 26th and this day marks the adoption of constituition of India. Some thoughts on this event...

I am happy that India is growing at 9% and we have forex reserves of 300 billion USD, we are indispensable market force for consumer products etc etc etc...

What scares me is the following in India:

Corruption - Corruption is something which we are used to. Very negligible people would have got their birth cirtificates, driver license or Passport without indulging in corruption. It has become part of system. Corruption also covers cases like kidney racket, fake stamp paper etc... Basically, these are failures of system and people exploit to make extra money.

Lawlessness - I know every place is crowded but it doesnt mean that lawlessness can start with simple signal jumping, lane violation to land scam, tax avoidance. The number of example are countless and people are happiply ignoring the basics of integrity, honesty everyday and they go scotfree.

Judiciary - The number of cases waiting to be resolved and the last i read (if my memory is correct) is somewhere around 3.5crore cases all over India. No fear of punishment exists in India for people who have plenty of money as they can go on appealing and prolong the case for 10 years or so.

I am bored with arguments like enough of tax, i dont get benefit for the tax i am paying, politicians are swindling the money etc... When will we make a new beginning and create a platform which will take us to the next level?

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  1. would agree...totally.

    having like almost 6/5+yr outside so called 'first world'.. i started appreciating life in india much much more..