Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sri Lanka trip - thanksgiving

On Yasith - Our Reluctant Guide

Yasith named as our co-ordinator for our official project. Also, he ended up co-ordinating the entire branch trip. He is very quiet, humorous and always smiling. He is very knowledgeable about landscape, culture, places, history and geography. He was very proud of his country and was forthcoming and explaining a lot throughout the trip. We enjoyed his companionship very well.

On Sarath - Our Mr Discipline

Sarath was the driver and responsible for steering us. He is well mannered. He drove comfortably without violating any signal or taking on rash driving. He wore seat belt through out the tour, locked the doors before moving the vehicle and never got upset when he had to circle back. He kept his eye on us when we walked through the streets of Kandy. He ate very little food as if a person on diet and hence got a nick name from me as Mr Discipline

Photo: From Left: Yasith, Self (Vijay), Sarath

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