Monday, January 28, 2008

Saarang 2008 - rock show - IIT Madras

Good rock show. Lapped up by teens easily. IIT facilities are good. It turned out to be a excellent rock show.

Firebrands started the show around 7:30pm and it turned out to be a good performance. But some thing in the sound was lacking... i thought it was the singer's voice.

Prestorika took the stage by 9:20pm and they started the full blast as if what we had was not enough. Damn good performance and sound effect improved atleast by some 8-10 times when compared to Firebrands.

My gut feeling was Prestorika used some pre programmed loop in addition to 3 guitar and one drummer's music and bcoz of it the sound was indeed turned out to be super sonic. I Enjoyed real sound blast after a long time !!!

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  1. I had a sudden spike in my blood pressure due to the performances of fire band and prestorika in Saarang 08.
    i needed a incubator at that moment to protect my heart from the blasting performances of the rock bands.

    for those who missed it ,catch the thrilling performances of the rock bands in