Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cricket & Umpiring

In my opinion, cricket is at cross-roads once again after the strong match fixing controversy. Why?

a. If umpires keep referring decisions to 3rd umpire, then what is the big responsibility while standing in the middle of the ground?

b. Let us assume, young umpires (in early 30s) can be recruited, then, how will they control hard headed people like Ponting or Smith.. for example?

c. What is match referee doing is something i am not clear at all. What did he do when 2007 World Cup played in twilight? What did he do when England Vs Pakistan match fight happened?

d. It is agreed that Umpires are human and they would make errors. What is the tolerance limit per match or per innings?

e. How can ICC manage billions of arm chair umpires who watch TV replay and keep commenting? How to ensure fairness between viewers and umpires... obviously, viewers today are far better placed when compared to umpires on the field.

f. Proper use of technology or whistle blowing from match referee or third umpire needs to be explored and some time based decisions would augur well for the future of cricket.

For the interim period, Head butt sounds like an good idea to resolve issues :)

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