Monday, January 28, 2008

Chiranjeevi's fans attack Rajasekar

Chiranjeevi announced his intentions to float a political party some time back.

Extracted from Rediff today:

When newsmen asked him if he would join Chiranjeevi's political party, Rajasekhar replied, "I will not join his party. Chiru has no political experience."

Angered by the remarks, Chiranjeevi's fans rushed to the Bhimavaram railway station and tried to locate Rajasekhar's family who were leaving by the Narsapur Express. Later, past midnight, they made another unsuccessful attempt when the train arrived at Guntur.

When the train arrived at Secunderabad railway station in the early hours of Monday, Chiranjeevi's fans gathered there. On learning that Rajasekhar's family left for their home in a car, they got into four cars and chased them upto Punjagutta, where they attacked the actor's car

Insane indeed !!! Probably, Rajasekar has become victim of their violent movie culture, gang attack, one man hero against society etc started showing on their normal life. or whether it is lawlessness when some crime is done by a gang, no one gets punished in India !!!


  1. Chiranjeevi is real gunda! He always smiles and take pictures with childern. But behind the scenes he is real gunda and sleep with one girl everyday. He never donated blood in his life time. Chiranjeevi fans also real idiots!

    Rajasekar is great hero and he saved his family like in movies driving car so fast and he is real kamma nayakar of south india

  2. Are u a regular supplier of girls to Chiranjeevi. You are mentioning that Chiranjeevi sleeps with one girl every day.