Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Travel tips for Sri Lanka

Travel tips for Sri Lanka

1. Sri Lanka is a humid country.

2. The food is mostly non-vegetarian. It is seldom served hot for eating.

3. Rice and bread are staple food.

4. Exchange Forex or TC in banks. Countryside Hotels offer unfriendly rate for exchange.

5. Sinhalese smile a lot. They have customer service mentality.

6. Females look good and wear western wear comfortably. They wear tight dress and children tend to wear jeans, mini skirt and adults wear skirt mostly.

7. The food looks Indian but it does not have indian taste.

8. Fish and Chicken related food available through out the country. Pickle concept not practiced in Sri Lankan hotels.

9. Strict vegetarians have to adjust to rice, dhal and some kind of salad when they travel outside Colombo. Colombo has got Anjappar, Amaravati and couple of vegetarian restaurant in a neighbourhood called Bampalapitiya.

10. Liquor is sold in neighbourhood shops in Sri Lanka for a moderate price. Hence, no need to stock the liquor.

11. Train services connect the entire country. Trains also have a one observation compartment with transparant glasses.

12. Sri Lankan people wake up early and goes to bed early say 6:30am to 7:30pm. Tourist need to plan their work accordingly.

13. Laksala is a good souvenir shop of Sri Lanka.

14. I didnt explore the night life in Colombo hence could not comment.

15. Carry and Keep your passport ready to show during security check-ups.

16. Pre-paid SIM Card buying in Sri Lanka requires Local ID proof !!!

17. Sri Lanka follows patriarch system. Dowry system is prevalent for arranged marriages. But majority of marriages happening out of love life.

18. Hundreds of people travel out of Colombo to Kandy, Anuradhapura, Galle (pronounced as goal) regions on weekends. Hence, plan your appointments accordingly.

19. Internet facility is available only in major cities.

20. Textile shooping is recommended in Sri Lanka for price sensitive tourists.

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