Sunday, August 17, 2008

Coffee Break - Interview with Tamil Actor Vijay

Coffee Break - Tamil Actor Vijay Special

Reporter: Sir, eppadi ivlo super-a dance adureenga?

Actor Vijay: thats bcoz, i love dancing. I take so much of efforts in practice, that shows in dance sequence.

Reporter: Aamam sir, fans kooda dance pathuttu thoongaranga, ketta romba tired-a feel panrangalam edho avangale dance aadura mathiri !

Actor Vijay: !!!

Reporter: Why you like director Perarasu very much?

Actor Vijay: He is a great director. I beat exactly 151 persons in Sivakasi and Thirupaachi. I shouted Aeeyyy 28 times each in those movies. thats why it was a hit. He knows exactly what my fans want. Aadi was a flop bcoz i beat only 97 persons, kuruvi didnt do that well bcoz i beat only 89 persons.

Reporter: Neenga nadikka varalanna ennava aayirupeenga?

Actor Vijay: Doctor

Reporter: Ippo kooda romba late illey, adhan therinju poche - namakku nadikka varalai, six pack vachukka varalai, thadi kooda ozhunga mulaikka mattengudu - adhunale medical seat try pannungalen sir...

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  1. mr dis s none of ur buissness u r not d right person to say dis?and u don have d right too. s vijay may be silent but not us his great fans .do u know anything about dance? shutup and dont do like dis anymore or else u vil b put to death