Monday, August 18, 2008

Spotted Telegu Actress Illeana

I happened to spot the telugu actress Illeana at Chennai Park Sheraton last Saturday evening. I thought she is too good looking when I saw telugu movie Pokiri. Her smile was definitely "smashing" and she got the looks of "dashing".

Alas... All my dream got dashed when I saw her eye to eye. I was first wondering "Is that Illeana" & even before i could recover some 4-6 guys started talking to her and took photographs. I took a deep look and then realised her shampoo commercial with Ishant Sharma revealed her true looks than Pokiri Movie !

She was hardly 5ft3; Very slim and trim - forget about cleavage or bum !!!; Only her smile was intact !

Looks like we have to kick these cameramans - i dont think i will ever identify Sneha or Meena types !!!!

Note: Uploaded a sample photo so that you can imagine the rest !


  1. is a photographs i took a deep look and the very nice

    Hrithik Roshan

  2. sir,so onnum ille in illeana is it ??


  3. That y they named her Illena (thats a tamil name!!!!)

    Think of the plight of the actor who do the 'act'ing with her!!!!