Sunday, August 10, 2008

Georgia - Russia conflict

I am not living in Europle. But i keep track of happenings around the world out of personal interest.

According to my understanding, Georgia is seen inviting trouble with Russia for quite some time - it finally met the trouble three days back - all due to the encouragement of USA, European Union.

Sadly, people of Ossetia caught in cross fight and are suffering.

USA cannot call this Russian action as "disproportionate". What the hell did USA and United Nations did when Israel carried out the attack against Lebanon in 2006? United Nations cant enforce anything on Israel or USA and it fails everytime.

Once again, the USA intelligence failed miserably to read the situation, hence, Georgia is forced to call for ceasefire. Trust they would not wag their dirty, nasty tail again and keep quite for some time against Russia.

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