Saturday, August 2, 2008

Subramaniapuram - movie review

I finally managed to see this movie today after seeing the team's interview in Vijay TV - Coffee with Anu. My reaction is as follows:

1. I feel Subramaniapuram is a cult movie after Paruthiveeran
2. 80s setting is outstanding and realistic.
3. Kangal Irandal song is heavenly.
4. It is a story of betrayal, good amount of violence merged into narration.
5. Ex-councelor's wife statement over a dinner is a turning point of the movie.
6. The chase of Azhagar - Jai is one of the outstanding scene in the recent history of tamil movie.
7. Sasikumar, Jai & Swathy's acting is too good.
8. Audience enjoyed each and every scene of the movie - it shows how strong a movie can get from "word of mouth"
9. Realistic portrayal, narration, dialogues, supporting cast, photography and comedy is the key for winning.
10. Just go and enjoy this no-nonsense movie.

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