Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DMDK - vijaykanth's seat negoation

Another imaginary interview - dmdk vijaykanth's seat negoation:

Vijaykanth with MK Stalin's representative:

dmdk: we need 15 seats...
dmk rep: for lok sabha or assembly?
dmdk: pls do not make a joke out of it. we have 8% of votes
dmk rep: national party like congress is in our alliance. if we give 15 lok sabha seats to you, what will be left?
dmdk: but we bring you winning votes
dmk rep: let us see, i cant commit.

Round 2 with Ghulam Nabi Azad

dmdk: sir., we need 15 seats...
azad: u really mean it? this is not vegetable market to end at 2 seats from 15 seats. we are matured politicians, pls make some sense
dmdk: we have 8% of votes., so we think, we can be a winner
azad: i can give you one seat in king fisher airlines at 2pm to chennai flight. Pls take it and go !!!

Round 3 with AIADMK Chief

dmdk: madam, we need 15 seats...
JJ: pls introduce yourself
dmdk: what?
JJ: pls loot at reality. if we accept into our alliance itself, it would be a great deal
dmdk: what?
JJ: pls have some water !

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