Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Terror Attack on Sri Lankan Cricketers at Lahore

Terror Attack on Sri Lankan Cricketers at Lahore

1972 - Munich incident revisited at Gadaffi Stadium, Lahore. This Shocking incident left cricket fans across the world perplexed about the motive of this entire episode.

How much time it would have taken by terrorists to fire a rocket at Lankan Bus? Why they didn't do it? Is it because they wanted to kidnap them or is it because it is a orchestrated, sympathy move on behalf of Pakistan government?

No one can blame Sri Lanka for touring Pakistan. After all, it was India and Pakistan which toured Sri Lanka in 1996 to show solidarity at the height of political crisis of Lanka. So, it was political decision to send the team to show gratitude.

I still wonder whether Musharaff was many times better than this so called democratic government of pakistan...

Long time back i wrote "http://accessstreet.blogspot.com/2008/09/australias-cricket-tour-to-india-in.html". I still stand by that post and I will not have any regret of postponement of IPL-2.

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