Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tamil Libraries are full of film lyricists

Tamil Libraries are full of film lyricists

Suddenly, tamil libraries are flooded with queries of old books by tamil movie song writers / lyricists.

They are looking for any old poems like thirupaavai, thiruvampaavai, aathichoodi or anything which has simple verses. The whole idea is to use the old poems, add on couple of english rap verse, put some ding-chick beats and call it "new age song".

Some time back, Anjadhey movie used Ovvayyar's Acham Thavir in their promotion of the movie. Now, tamil movie named "TN 09 4777" used aathichoodi and the song turned out to be a hit on FM radio channels. Even, Oscar winner A R Rahman seen playing with ThiruKural with rapper Blazee and voiced out his idea to reach public with such epic work.

But some of the serious writers are wondering whether this move would lead origial, well known, meaningful work would land up in dirts !

...This is Vijay Ganesh, reporting from Chennai, for Accessstreet !