Monday, March 2, 2009

Senxex outlook for March 09

Stay away from the stock market during March 09. Think about buying when sensex comes around 7000 levels and not before that.


  1. hi......

    ....i need a humble reply from u..........thou it is an old boring Qn, do u mind telling me apprmtly how long it will take sensex to reach around 15k......i know no one can predict this.......but am very much worried about pls tell me how long shd i wait for it to cross over 14?.........tx for patiently hearing my brooding....will be happy if i get a reply from u.

  2. 2009 is likely to be wash out as economic data is getting bad all over the globe. 15k sensex is possible somewhere bwn June 2010 to Nov 2010 provided if we have a stable government from either BJP or Cong by June 2009.