Sunday, March 22, 2009

IPL 2 moved out of India

IPL management decided to move IPL season 2 out of India. This is not a simple decision as this could result in significant revenue loss for franchisees. But BCCI decided to save IPL 2 instead of confronting team availability, calendar management etc.

The government's concern on providing security to IPL at the time of general elections can be understood as we had a bad year of security in 2008. At the same time, IPL is a private game show and government can not be taken for granted to provide security.

But government's lack of interest is misleading - we have commonwealth gamesin 2010, 2011 cricket world cup - how are they going to handle the security situation at those point of time is something we need to wait and see !

But P Chidamabaram has given master stroke - he screwed up Indian economy in the last 5 years and blamed it on Communists. He has hit India's best loved sport - cricket ! Cool dude., I love you even more than before.


  1. Three things come to my mind.

    1. Filled stadiums brings special aura to any match. I am not sure if the stadiums will fill, if hosted in SA; because of wrong timings the game is going to be played, less south africans.

    2. Gives domestic players a chance to play outside India. For many players this IPL will be dream come true. Cricket as a profession seems very lucrative now.

    3. Logistics of so many Indians players and fans travelling will make SA economy better. Question how is it all going to be managed in a short while. Wont security be a concern?

    Last year i thought i wont watch so many matches; ended up watching 80% of them. This year i will foolish to think that i wont watch matches.

  2. Sriram - No china pls :)
    Keshav - We need to wait and see for the crowd portion; true, it is going to be a good exposure for young IPL players. Logistics wont be an issue at all as SA would ensure speedy processing against good revenue opportunity.