Saturday, October 25, 2008

Gautham vasudeva menon - bad planner

He is a well known director. Man behind Minnale, vettayadu vilayadu, kakka kakka etc...

But he is certified Bad and screwed up planner. He created so much of hype Vaaranam Aayiram and could not release it for Diwali.

His multi tasking skills so far resulted in abysmal mishaps so far... He made Pachaikili Muthucharam in between vettayadu vilayadu and the film flopped badly. Worse, it was a dvd rip off...

He announced Chennayil Oru Mazhai kaalam as a Quickie (under production for the past 9 months) when he was making Vaaranam Aayiram.... No idea where the movie stands now... And, he is rumoured to have made up his mind for another two movies !!!

Jack of all traders... But...

Note: The above post was published on 25th Oct 08. Update on Nov 11, 08 - Sivaji productions sacked Gautham from the forthcoming movie of Gautham with Ajit !
Update on Nov 13,08 - Harris Jayaraj parts way with Gautham in a double blow.

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  1. Gautham vasudev menon is not a bad planner but u are a bad writer. it is not a easy job to give a film it needs lot of money and various procedures ... slap yourself man u have wrote a wrong comment on gm