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Lyrics of Adiye Kolluthey from Vaaranam Aayiram

Lyrics of Adiye Kolluthey from Vaaranam Aayiram

English Meaning of Adiye Kolluthey from Vaaranam Aayiram


M - Adiye kolluthey
azhago alludhey
Ulagam surungudhey
iruvaril adanguthey

you make a impact
you are too beautiful
world is shrinking
what matters lies between us

Unnodu nadakkum ovvoru nodikkum arthangal sernthiduthey
Yen kalai neram yen maalai vaanam nee indri kainthiduthey

new meaning keeps coming when i interact with you
surise and sunset loses its beauty as you are not around me

Adiye kolluthey azhago alluthey
Ulagam surungudhey iruvaril adanguthey
Unnodu nadakkum ovvoru nodikkum arthangal sernthiduthey
Yen kalai neram yen malai vaanam nee indri kainthiduthey

Charanam 1

M - Iravum pagalum un mugam
Irayai poley thurathuvathum yeno
Mudhalin mudivum nee yena
therindha pinbu thayanguvathum veeno

You face chases me like a prey throught the day or night
why to hesitatewhen i understand that you are the beginning & end of my life

F - Vaadai kaatrinil oru naal
Oru vaasam vanthathey un nesam yendrathey
Unthan kangalil yedho minsaram minnuthey yen meethu payuthey
Mazhai kaalathil sariyo mandharai-poley un manamum
Unnai kandathum sariya kandeney

the flowing breeze pronounced ur friendship
your eyes pass on electricity on me
my heart is tilting towards you like a flower shrink on a rainy day

Adiyae kolluthey...

Charanam 2

M - Azhagin sigaram neeyadi
konjam adhanal thalli nadappene
Oru sol oru sol solladi
Intha kanamey ennai maraveney

you are the best of beauty
so i maintain little bit of distance when i walk with u
just tell me a word, i will forget myself in this very moment

F - Sollaa vaarthaiyin sugamey
Mayil thogai polavey en meethu ooruthey
Yella vanamanum neelam sila neram mathiram senthuram aaguthey
Enakaagavey vaanthai en nizhal polavey nindrai
Unnai thotru nee ennai vendraye

a word untold is as sweet as one feels when peacock's feather moves in body
blue skies occassionally becomes reddish sometimes
you came only for me, you stood like a shadow
you lost yourself but you won me

M - Adiyae kolluthey...


  1. Thank you so much for taking the effort to post the lyrics of some the most beautiful songs I have heard. Your translations are a great help to a Telugu girl like me!! Could you post the english translation to this song, Adiye Kolluthey when you find the time?

  2. adiye kolluthe
    u r killing me
    azhago alluthey
    ur physique is capturing me
    Ulagam surungudhey
    world seems so small to me
    iruvaril adanguthey
    it is as though no one ever existed in the world other than both of us
    Unnodu nadakkum ovvoru nodikkum arthangal sernthiduthey
    the each n evry sec i spend with u, life becomes so meaningful

    1. pls translate full...plz plz plz

    2. Your translation is much more meaningful and apt. Please consider translating songs. It will be a great help for non tamilians to understand tamil songs.

  3. this is the real meaning in tamil, i guess

  4. Anonymous, could you possibly translate the real meaning in tamil for the whole song? i'd b so greatful! plz?

  5. just a small correction in charanam 2:

    Oru sol oru sol solladi
    Indha ganame unnai manappene

    Just tell me one word, I'll marry you this instant :)

  6. superb lyrics............ shruthihaasan rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. Some mistakes r in last phase so please correct it