Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts....

1. It is nice to see friends and relatives during this Navarathiri period. Fun to mingle with them, know the latest happenings etc...

2. Sundal is good and quality snack compared to murukku, chips. If made with lot of cocunuts, it is really mouth watering.

3. Festival spirit is running high with people whom i met. Plasma TVs are fashionable statement as of now.

4. Also, entire world is struck investments made with mutual funds which are turning really bad. I could see worried queries all over.

5. ICICI Bank rumours are spreading all over. Once again, lot of my friends withdrew quite a good amount with that bank. My supporting statements were not received well as ICICI's faster growth looked suspiciously by middle class.

6. Traffic woes are really increasing and testing people's nerves.

7. General mood is screwed up with power cuts. Looks like the ruling DMK is getting unforgiving curse from everyone.

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