Saturday, October 11, 2008

News Headlines from Thalai vidhi channel

Coffee Break - News Headlines from Thalai vidhi channel

Good morning viewers, first our headlines at this hour...

1. Finance Minister P Chidambaram reassures investors
2. NATO forces target opium farmers
3. Sarah Palin blames Obama on world economy
4. Bollywood in split
5. Saurav Ganguly speaks his mind
6. Update from South India

The details of the news goes as follows

1. Finance Minister reassured investors that India is performing well and hence no cause for worry. He addressed media when Sensex fell by another 800 points for the 9th time in the past 50 days. He asked investors not to worry on mounting losses and asked investors why they never cribbed when sensex went up to 21000 from 7000 levels. He quoted the famous saying of dont book losses now and calmed investors by saying "some day you will see your value again".

The communists criticised UPA rule and asked for ban of stock market trade and asked people to return to performing hard work. BJP blamed it on italian mafia taking ride on indian stocks and asked for government's resignation. DMK leader karunanidhi said he requested Manmohan Singh to pay every investor's losses as part of next budget through a editorial letter in Murasoli. he also said, TR Baalu is assigned to translate the letter to PM personally.

The funny reaction came from none other than Laloo... He replied " I didnt have sex for the past 30 days" when asked about falling Sensex!!!

2. NATo forces decided to target opium farmers in Afganistan as part of latest surge move. This decision came after protests of Afghan government on large killing of civilians during the recent fights. NATO sources admitted that they could not differenciate between civilians and militants as militants does not wear any uniform and every one grows beard theyby creating confusion in the minds of soldiers.

NATO chief claimed Opium farming is seen growing rapidly and needs to be curtailed. Journalist asked Why this issue was not focussed during past 7 years. NATO chief replied that NATO forces could not identify which plant is normal farming and which one is opium. Special NATO team focussed on this issue and verified every plant and spent close to 40million to ascertain the real Opium plants. It was also tested on soldiers and proved beyond doubt at this stage. hence, the decision he clarified.

3. Sarh Plain blamed Obama for world economic crisis and sited they world order was severely worried about Obama leadership of USA asked investors to sell every american share before he wins election. She also assured that McCain is a great maverick and would restore the stock prices if voted to power in November elections.

Viewers Let us take a break and continue news coverage. Please dont use remote control to change channel and wait until we come back !

4. Bollywood in major split insiders claimed. On Friday evening, Salman Khan gave a Ramzan dinner and called his friends and well wishers. Shah Rukh also invited his fraternity in a separate engagement on the same evening. There was a secret observation conducted by both Khans whether any one goes and eats at both parties. Lot of actors decided to stay and eat in their own home to avoid controversy. But Yash Chopra fraternity attended SRK's party whereas TIPS, UTV group attended Salman's party. Rani was upset as her item dance went unnoticed in SRK's party and plans to change sides.

Our Journalist who went to both dinner parties claimed that food was not all that great as expected !!!

5. Saurav Ganguly gave interview to Calcutta daily named "Jobless" and blasted BCCI on VRS scheme. He claimed, that he was not compensated by BCCI on the kickbacks paid by him to past selectors over the past 4 years. He also alleged that only Sachin and Dhoni are not paying kick backs and everyone else gives a cut to selectors. This shocking revelation called lot of protests across India and there was bandh call given in Calcutta against BCCI tomorrow. BCCI is yet to react.

6. We will cross over to our Journalist Preethi in Chennai for South Indian update.

Hi... I am preethi and i will cover the South Indian update for this evening...

1. First, Political update from Andhra Pradesh... Chiranjeevi's political entry created lot of storm here. Lots of leaders and workers from Telugu Desam party joined Chiru's gang. In turn, TDP approached TRS and got their support for next election. Congress leaders cribbed that no one is bothered about them !

2. DMK Leader Karunanidhi called for peaceful rallies against the aggressive Sri Lankan goverment's attack on Tamilians living in Northern lanka. He also wrote a poem in support of the cause. He claimed the power cuts of Tamil nadu were aimed at to understand the suffering of lankan tamils.

3. Tamil Comedy Actor vadivelu claimed that he got couple of stones in the afternoon lunch and alleged it was because of Vijaykanth. He called for CBI enquiry for the same.

4. Vishal Shekhar and Pritam are approached for compose music for Telugu movies. Vishal Shekhar apparantly took some advice from Ilayaraja, M M Kreem and Mani Sharma before composing music to Chintakayala Ravi. Pritam has apparantly bought some 500 music CDs on Mexican and South Korean music and he is confident of getting some peppy tunes for his telugu assignments.

Thats all for now from our Thalai vidhi channel, pls stay tuned for next sensational update.

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