Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Srilanka's war on LTTE

Sri Lanka's war on LTTE is on its last leg. They had set December 2008 as target to wipe out LTTE and working towards it.

In Tamil Nadu, politicians are shedding crocodile tears on this war. DMK is desperately trying to divert attention from power crisis, ram setu and bad governance. They dont really care for Tamil Eelam or tamil civilians.

Sri Lankan government must ensure that medical aids, food reach northern lanka for civilian's benefit. LTTE chief must be wiped out and it can happen this time.


  1. Hello Vijay, yes you are right...this is probably the best oppotinity ever to finish this festering wound and get back to building up our nation. Indian/Sri Lanka politicians are all to blame for this conflict..since 1970's. A lot of people in Sri Lanka has bad opinoin about India because of the things done since the 70's 80's.. for which SL politicans are also to blame...J.R, Premadasa...

    Politicians will be politicians...what to do...? its the masses who are the idiots...they give the politicos credibility..

    If anyone from india comes here they can see that tamils can live in the rest of sri lanka peacefully amoung the sinhalese (of course life is not perfect...there is sometimes animosity..for all that has happened thru the years) All of us shinhala/Tamil has lost a friend or Relation to this confilct... all this for what?? live forever?

    Can't expect brainwashed/hate mongoring people to see reason...i guess...i hope the time to heal as a nation will be soon...

    Dinesh (Colombo)

  2. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

  3. I prefer gandhian way. All i know is that LTTE way did not take you anywhere in the last 20 years.