Monday, November 24, 2008

Ghajini (Hindi) - Music Review

Album - Ghajini (Hindi) - Music Review
Music By - A R Rahman
Overall Rating - Must Listen

01. Guzarish By Javed Ali & Sonu Nigam - 4.5/5 - Lovely song, beautifully sung by Javed, humming by Sonu, really catchy tune; trust they dont imagine sunset for the end humming portion :) The little bit of additional drumming reminded me of final portion Oh Bhavrey song from Daud.

02. Aye Bachchoo by Suzanne - 4.5/5 - Inviting dance number with robust beat; Rock(ing) guitar put to good use before the end of song; Timepass lyrics !

03. Kaise Mujhe By Benny Dayal & Shreya Ghoshal - 3/5 - Slow number; Benny fails to hold our attention for the first time ! The beginning music made me to wonder whether ARR is preparing himself for background score for movies like Crash! I liked the female humming before the second stanza.

04. Bekha By Karthik - 5/5 - Surprising fusion of rock, jazz and carnival type drumming; fantastic singing by Karthik; Rahman simply freaks out in this imaginative track;

05. Lattoo Lattoo By Shreya Ghoshal - 4/5 - Foot tapping, fast number; Wow... what a meaningless lyrics !

06. Kaise Mujhe (INSTRUMENTAL) By Guitars: Neil Mukherjee & Flutes: Kiran - 4/5 - Impressive shot for peace !

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  1. Guzarish song is ripped off from "Ennai Kaanavillaye" from Kadhal Desam. Just a recycling of the tune and beats. Just hear both one after another. :)