Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Many more returns - Dear Deva

Looks like people forgot you, hence, I would like to greet you on your Birthday (Nov 20) – Dear Deva (thenesai thendral) – a nice, humble music director of many tamil movies !

  • You are so humble and down to earth;
  • You were ably supported by many brothers ;
  • You never boasted about yourself unlike S A Rajkumar J
  • You never pretended that you create great music but still produced so many hummable numbers;
  • You made instant music unlike many music directors who claim a tune comes after months of hardwork but still unfriendly !
  • You apparently made all the songs of Annamalai movie in one day – how can I forget that beautiful album !!!
  • You made inspired music – but how refreshing it was – for example – Oh Nenje Nenje song from Mugavari or from Meri jaan / vai raja vai from Panchathanthiram or I like you from Citizen
  • You were king of gaana songs or kuthu pattus – for example – mala mala from Chocklet or from hey kutti munnale from Indhu or kavalaipadathey from Kadhal Kottai
  • How can I forget your combo with Hariharan – for example – oru mani adithal from Kalamellam kadhal vazhga, Engenge from Nerukku Ner, Oh Sona Sona from Vaalee
  • You did music for credible movies like Annamalai, Arunachalam, Aasai, Avvai Shanmugi, Kushi, Mugavari, Nerukku Ner, Virumbukiren, Vaalee and BASHA !
  • How can I forget your all time songs like
    • Naan Autokaaran of Basha
    • Nilavai Kondu Vaa from Vaalee
    • Pulveli from Aasai
    • Eeswara from Kannedhire thondrinal
    • Virumbukiren from Virunbukiren
    • Nalam nalam ariya aaval from Kadhal Kottai
    • Kalamellam kadhal vazhga from kadhal kottai
    • Manam virumbudhey from Nerukku Ner
    • Velai Velai from Avvai Shanmugi
    • Kadhali from Avvai Shanmugi
    • Engenge from Nerukku Ner
    • Azhagu from Basha
    • Oru PenPura from Annamalai
    • Kanave kalayathey from Kannedhire thondrinal

Thank you deva for your contribution, you deserve to be remembered on your b'day ! You are seemingly having a good break – will you make a strong comeback?



  1. Nice ... A truly heartfelt wish... I didn't know it was his birthday .. Thanks to you ... My wishes are on their way ... :)

  2. haha.....
    was it really heartfelt or sarcastic :P

    anyways my wishes to then isai thendral deva !


  3. Hey guys... it is not sarcastic definitely.... i felt bad that we forgot him., thats why i wrote such a big post :)

  4. Good music director ! Nice to remember his birthday !! I like him for his simplicity ! As you mentioned lot of his songs were mesmerizing. My Fav's are Aasai, Nerukku Ner and Annamalai. Expecting your comeback like Ganguly.