Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A R Rahman's best picturised songs

According to me, the following are the best picturised songs of A R Rahman in Hindi and Tamil Movies:

1. Alaipayuthey - Pachai Nirame

Great locales, costume, lovely bonding between Madhavan & Shalini. First rank goes to this song.

2. Minsara kanavu - Vennilave Vinnilave

Kajol ignites the romance in the second part of the song. Lovely picturisation in lines of Singing in the Rain.

3. Dil Se - Chayya Chayya

Moving train, crane shots, tunnel lighting.... imaginative picturisation of this song is just refusing to go away from the mind.

4. Kadhalan - Kadhalikkum pennin kaigal

Cool and casual theme executed perfectly by Prabhu Deva.

5. Thiruda Thiruda - Chandralekha

Aah.... Egmore Museum never look so beautiful. Great Lighting indeed.

6. Kadhal Desam - Mustafa Mustafa

Another casual picturisation by director, friendship demonstrated in a normal way without any exaggeration.

7. Sivaji - Vaaji Vaaji

What a lovely, towering set. Dwarfs add color to Shreya's glamour. I especially liked the thavidu podi imagination.

8. Taal - Aag Lage

Supposed to be a Filmfare picturisation. Nice dancing. Wrapping of Aish in the long cloth was wonderful !

9. Rangeela - Tanha Tanha

Nice inviting dance by Urmila but just short of sexy mode.

10. Lagaan - Orey Chori

I prefer this song to radha song of this movie. Love is in the air was nicely brought out.

11. Roja - Chinna chinna aasai

Nature's back drop with mischievous happenings on the ground. Lovely.

12. Bombay - Uyire Uyire

Rain, Kasarkod fort backdrop was too good for this song. Anchor & Manisha scene was beautifully symbolic.

13. Jodhaa Akbar - Kwaja Kwaja

Heavenly atmosphere, simple imagination, lighting makes this song wonderful to watch.

14. Rang De Basanti - Khalbali

Bonding of friends was energitically brought up in an unusual way.

15. Ratchagan - Kayyil Midhakkum

Computer graphics aided emoticons was bit imaginative.

16. Jeans - Kannodu kanbathellam

Imaginative picturisation of this carnatic tune was damn good. The positioning of this song in the story made people to burst out laughing.

17. Padayappa - Suthi Suthi vantheega

Tastefully decorated art work in the background made this song memorable.

18. Kannathil Muthamittal - Nenjil

Simran version of this song in the beaches makes one wonder about depth of relationship.

19. Boys - Girl Friend

Usage of cartoonic girl was little friendly than human as it is about "looking out". Imaginative lyrics, peppy tune all makes song interesting.

20. Kadhalar Dhinam - Dandiya aatamum aada

Such a huge group of dancers assembled in a floor, neatly co-ordinated dance arrangement.

21. Mudhalvan - Aazhagana Ratchasiye

Too garish i admit but attractive scare crows, colorful dolls make it for it.

What u say?


  1. I agree with most of urs aana
    20. Kadhalr dhinam -- I prefer the song enna Villai azhage
    and also Shankar can never picturize anything beautifully or even creative everything is so loud and ugly ---
    Other than that ur list is perfect ... :)

  2. You may get a Phd for your research work.

    I dont agree Kannodu Kaanbathellam in the top list. Such an ecellent song was very badly picturized.

  3. Thanks for your wishes.
    By the way, song is made for a situation and the director can interpret in a funny way than concert way. Shankar did the right thing and maintained the tempo of the movie by playing it in a funny way !

  4. Thanks Prithvi. Enna vilai is a good song., i agree.

  5. Hi. I agree with your ranking. Those songs really rock. But I think you should include the song "narumugiyae" from Iruvar. Lyrics are very poetic and it was also picturised well. i look forward to your opinion on this song..

  6. Hi Shristee.... narumugiyae is a beautiful song, lovely tune, interesting lyrics etc. But, as for as the picturisation goes, not inside top 20 !

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  9. sorry for those two comments(deleted).....
    i think the song 'Azeem-o-shaan shahenshah' from Jodha Akbar is beautifully picturised and its also a great song...
    Mudhalvan title song is also decent and well picturised...
    and great work sir!!!!

  10. Sampath ! Looks like i forgot the beautiful Indira song ! yes., jodha akbar - azeem deserves a place inside top 20.

  11. From Kandukonden Kandukonden (Abas and Ice song at Scotland ) or the song b/w Ajith and Tabu at Egypt

    From Gentleman also there are quite a few songs which are picturised well

    What about song from Duet? Anjali Anjali ?

  12. Can we compile something for Illayaraja and Harris...

  13. Chakra., ummm good suggestions. I will prepare one for harris.