Saturday, November 22, 2008

Poo - Music Review

Album - Poo - Music Review
Music By - S.S.Kumaran
Overall Rating - Wonderful Folk Album

01. Choo Choo Maari By Mirudula S, Parthasarathy, Srimathi - 4.5/5 - wonderfully tuned, written kid song after probably Anjali, lovely singing and arrangement of music;

02. Maman Engirukka By Harini, Karthik, Tippu - 4.5 / 5 - fine beginning for this Catchy tune, Harini's song; Robust music in interludes and good usage of flute;

03. Aavaram Poo By Chinmaye - 4.5/5 - Lovely melody expressing longingness, Chinmayee does justice in this mesmerising number;

04. Paasa Mozhi By S.S.Kumaram - 3 / 5 - brief ballad, bad pronunciation makes you to uncomfortable in an otherwise soft, simple number;

05. Dheena By Hemambiga, Shankar Mahadevan - 4/5 - Eeriness in air in the beginning but turns normal afterwards, wonderful use of melam; listen to the fusion of tabla and melam in before the charanam 2 - Wow... but overall tune is just pass;

06. Sivakasi Rathiyae By Periya Karuppu Thevar - 4/5 - beautiful lyrics brings smile on our face on this folk tune

What I liked:

1. Rural, folk, village sound broughtout in some wonderful tunes
2. Thoughtful usage of simple instruments
3. Cant believe that S S Kumaran is debutant music director on the quality of music
4. Pray that this team to win some music awards as one can see the great effort put in

Could have been the best album of the year if they could have avoided Maestro Ilayaraja's school of music in arrangement !!!!!

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