Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Sneak view at the Emergency Cabinet meeting of Manmohan Singh

Coffee Break

A Sneak view at the Emergency Cabinet meeting of Manmohan Singh on mumbai hostage crisis:

Manmohan: Welcome everyone, thanks for coming on time. With the gracious permission from Soniaji, i kickstart this meeting

Laloo: Ji, What is it about?

Paswan: bhayya, aisa hi hain, kuch khaas nahi.

Manmohan: excuse me, this is about an operation

Laloo: Barging in... Ji., kya operation hain? when did you fell sick?

Manmohan: bhayya., mere ko thoda sunlo. terrorists attacked mumbai., and i am going to explain our rescue operation over there.

Shivraj Patil: I got a very confidential information

Sharad pawar: barging in.... Bakhwas math karo., pls tell us the information first

Shivraj Patil: Some foreign hands are involved in this hostage crisis

Laloo: barging in.... bhayya, that is for the press release. tel us the fact now

Shivraj patil: goes on in explaining situation and asks for approval to release prisoners and some money

Arjun Singh: I will announce reservation for terrorists, i will reslve this issue !

Chidambaram: I will put a new tax called "terrorist benefit tax" and charge it on corporates like fringe benefit tax !

Manmohan: Pls allow me to speak, if all you are not having any objection, we will authorise shivraj request and also authorise instant decision making by state home secretary to resolve this crisis.

Everyone: Ok

Manmohan: Ok, meeting over. I have to rush off to brief Sonia. Thanks for coming. Shivraj., do brief the press., rest can go.

Paswan: No No., we will have some nice tea, cashews, biscuits before going. After all, meeting cant get over in 3m. So we will sit here for another 25m or so to create some good impression !!!

Laloo: haan., haan...

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  1. hahaha............ :-)

    But i wil b sad if this the real situation..... :-(