Monday, November 10, 2008

Life is Escapism

Human Being is so wonderful
Wants Entertainment in everything

Freaks out with Cinemas, music, dance
Intoxicates in Alcohol, Drugs
Chase Money and Sex
Redeem with Books, Lectures
Indulge in costly clothes, perfumes
Show it off in Luxury Cars
Immerse in Bose sound system

Look good in Character Building Courses
Look good in Social appointments
Look good in parties
Look good in kids school

Cant spare Rs.50 to known beggar
But can lose lakhs in stocks
Where is the end to this escapism?


  1. No doubt, it is a materialistic world, but certainly changes are happening in the mindset of large sections of society through the guidances of great spiritual leaders.
    If each one of us start looking inwards and see what we can do to take a baby step towards making a difference somewhere in our society, I am sure things will go a longer way. Charity should begin at home, selflessness taught to children, I am optimistic that it will spread out to society.
    The end to escapism is when we can stop judging and start acting constructively, dont you think?

  2. I agree with you.
    FYI - this post was not meant to be preachy. It is meant for me for a incident happened over weekend !