Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mind of an Actor

Mind of an Actor - This little poen was inspired by Live Telecast thru Sun TV on Tamil Actor's Fasting about Sri Lankan Tamil Cause held on 1st Nov 2008 at T.Nagar - Chennai

I can act, I can dance
I can cry, I can romance
I can put on weight, I can lost weight at my will
I can fake a smile, fake relationship for a hit movie
Oh Yeah... I can fast too

I can speak, I can cry in public
I can create serious comedy in public
I can woo a politican
I can do a catwalk
oh yeah.... I am ready to go prison too

Presentability is my life
Publicity is my breathe
Visibility is my motto
Acceptability is the benefit i reap
Oh dear.... but make sure that your pan cake doesnt melt in open air !!!