Monday, November 17, 2008

Titbits on recent chennai events

Titbits on recent chennai events:

1. Law College Violence - I was shocked when I saw the violence clippings in Jaya TV. I realised there was a growing communal tension between SCs and NON SCs as per news reports. There is no excuse for the police for not protecting the students. If outsiders are indulged in this act, the entire college management should be sacked.
The best way out to bring back normalcy would be to shift the college to the outskirts of the city so that admin can easily spot the insiders and outsiders.

2. Economy on the downturn - this is the inference from the general chat with my friends and relatives. Lot of shift change, lay-offs, cut in production have generally increased over past month. Software companies are strongly discouraging work on sat & sun.

3. Real Estate prices are going down for commercial properties. Rentals above 30k for individuals have few takers.

4. Traffic Sense is going down day by day. I had the shock of week end while driving in GN Chetty Road. I was waiting to take U-Turn - One Innova driver came and overtook me in left and tried to cut to make U-turn crossing me ! No space on that road to do that and no sense in driving like that.

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