Sunday, July 27, 2008

AADI Shopping at Usman Road

AADI Shopping

We (my family) went for Aadi shopping - its more of ritual - as we didnt do shopping for the last 2 years, so planned lot of things this time. You get to read the tale now:

I generally buy once in July and keep shuffling through the year. For kids, we buy lots of quantity for a moderate price as they spoil the dress very fast.

Saravana Stores - Brammandamai:

We first went to Saravana Stores - Brammandamai by 9:15am and went to 7th floor and came walking down one after another floor ! The crowd was very limited and the staffs were kind of clearning / dusting / sweeping the floors. The entire place was changed by 10am as shoppers started thronging ! You buy and bill in one floor and leave it with guard on the another floor and so on....

Its a great shop, offers hell lot of varieties for every age and has stocks from Rs.10. Goods Arrangement / presentation is reasonably decent. Staffs help out a lot when in doubt. For a male kid, they had all kind of dress with spiderman, batman, power ranger stuffs; Wonderful collection of churidar materials;

Pothys: Goods arrangement / presentation is definitely below average here. Girls section offers the best variety. Gents section had soft a local clone variety jockey shorts which no other shop had for just Rs.70 and full pant for Rs.150 !

Chennai Silks: Goods arrangement / presentation is the best of three I visited. Staffs are very friendly here. We bought daily casual wear for children here. Delivery of good is completely different from other shop and efficient. This is the only shop which had floor plan, evacuation guide etc !!!

On Shoppers:

People are generally polite and on their own. Two things they can improve - avoid crowding near lift, looking / snatching the cloth which you have already filtering !


  1. Hyderabd ponom...ethana peru?? 100 peru...4 teachers vera...thaniya poga vidamaatten ta :(