Monday, July 7, 2008

Wimbledon 2008 - update

I am very happy to see Nadal cruise through Federer in Wimbledon finals 2008. Nadal deserved the cup as he was playing extremely well in 2008 when compared to Federer's form.

81minute rain break gave the fighting spirit back to Federer and that brought out some outstanding tennis, performance from both the players in 3rd, 4th & 5th sets. But Federer is still the most stylish, graceful player tennis has ever seen !!!

As for as the Women's tennis goes, Chinese tennis player Zheng Jia turned out to be the charm and attraction of 2008. All the top seeds like Ivanovic, Maria disappointed. Sania is sure to disappear into woods as for as singles tennis.

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  1. HI there,
    Its interesting to note that you have said that nadal CRUISED through the match. Cruising means winning with ease(to be more precise, without breaking a sweat), not stretched to five sets..Anyway, I thought it was one of the best finals that I had ever seen.....
    Happy writing!