Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A finest movie called JUNO

Ellen Page, plays Juno MacGuff, a 16-year-old high school junior who discovers she’s pregnant after a one night stand with mild-mannered best-friend and lovable nerd Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera). The catch is – she neither wants the baby nor abortion !!! So the movie goes on how she develops the baby, how she finds a couple to adopt the would be born kid….

The greatness in the movie lies in the way director handles the story. No emotional run-ups, superb one-liners, fine acting, pacy screen play.

The ultimate part of the movie lies in its music – one cant believe / wonder / amuse that the soundtracks fits the movie like a musical. As a tribute, I have listed the lyrics of 4 best tracks below and link to listen. Ensoi the music for time being until you get hold of DVD.

No wonder this movie has won Oscars - Don’t even dare to miss this movie !!!


  1. Yes...Ganesh JUNO s a nice movie....

  2. What is the name of the opening song on the Juno movie