Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lyrics of Sorgame endralum from Ooru vittu ooru vandhu

Lyrics of Sorgame endralum (in tamil, english) from Ooru vittu ooru vandhu



M: Sorgame endralum adhu nammora pola varuma
Ennadu endralum adhu nam nattukku eedaguma
desam muzhudum pesum mozhigal tamizh pol inithiduma

in English:

Will heaven equal to our place?
Will any country equal to our country?
Does any spoken indian language comes out as sweet as tamil in our country?

Charanam 1

F: yerikarai kaathum yelelelo pattum inge edhum ketkavillaye
M: paadum kuyil satham aadum mayil nitham pakka oru solaillaye
F: vethalaya madichi maaman adha kadichi thuppa oru vazhi-illeye
M: odi vandhu gudichu mungi mungi kulichu aada oru odayillaye
F: ivvoru enna ooru nammoru romba melu
M: ada odum pala kaaru veen adambaram paaru
F: oru dhaagam theera yeedu moru

In English:
I couldnt feel the lake side breeze or yelelo song over here
I couldnt listen to bird singing or see peacock dance over the parks here
There is no place to taste or split the beetlenut for my husband here
There is no canal to run, jump and play
My place is far better than this place
So many cars to flaunt
but there is no butter milk to get rid of thirst

Sorgame endralum....

Charanam 2

M: maadu kannu meikka meyaradha paarka mandhaveli ingu illiye
F: aadu puli aattam pottu vilayada arasa maram medailliye
M: kaala reundu pooti katta vandi ooti gaanam pada vazhi-illiye
F: thozhigalai azhachi solli solli rasichu aatam poda mudiyaliye
M: oru yandhiratha pola ada inge ulla vaazhkai
F: idhe enge poyi solla manam ishta pada villa
M: nammoora pola oorum illa

In English:
There are no farms to see the cows roam around
There are no "banyan tree" to play games underneath
There is no way to make a bullock cart ride and sing along with that
There is no way to call my friends and play around here
Life is so mechanical over here
Where to go and tell this as my mind does not jel / get mingled with this life
There is no place like our place

Sorgame endralum...


  1. great song! Us NRIs can sorta empathize with it...

    Can you post a translation into english too? I understand some lines, but not the entire song....

  2. tried translation for the first time based on couple of request. forgive me for my adventure

  3. Nice of you to do so! Thanks so much....

  4. very nice

    nothing equalent to ilaya's music

    gud job

  5. nice stuff!! i was wonderin how to explain tis song to my kanadiga friends !!

  6. this son become very gret after the explanination

  7. Could you please post english translation to the song Vaarayo Vaarayo from Aaadhavan movie?

  8. yes i really really want to know what they are saying in vaarayo vaarayo song... i think its a beautiful song but i have no idea what they are saying.. i have searched everywhere and nothing.. please its killing me not knowing

  9. who is the Lyricist for this song?

  10. Thanks a lot vijay.. I am a Telugite yet love Tamizh a lot!!! Love this song too.. Thanks a lot for the translation.

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  12. Sorry. That is NOT Split. But Spit.

  13. arasamaram is a tamil word.
    English name is Sacred fig.
    Banyan Tree is "Ala maram" in Tamil.

  14. Thank you for the translation Vijay GS!